Thursday, April 4, 2013

Julep Maven Box-April

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited because I can say "Hi everyone" and there is actually a "everyone" now!  Thanks to a couple new followers, 17 to be exact!  Im so excited to be finally connecting with others who enjoy nail polish as much as I do, this is all thanks to many helpful ladies in a couple Facebook groups I am in.  Side note; this is a bit of a lengthy post, but I had a lot to say!

So, I have been a Julep Maven for a while now, I started sometime around summer of last year.  The first two polishes I got were Mischa and Georgia, I remember this because my Mischa came broken!  The awesome people at Julep immediately replaced the polish, with ANOTHER broken bottle!  Crazy, I know!  Julep once again replace my Mischa and finally the third one was the charm!  Ever since then I have been eagerly awaiting for my Maven box to arrive in the mail every month!  There have been a couple skipped boxes, and one golden box, but I have never blogged about my box.  I always think about blogging about it, and then when it comes in the mail I tear into my box and immediately think, "Dang!  I forgot to take photos before ripping into it," sometimes I try to repackage everything to get some photos.  Ultimately it never works, and I always say "Next time."  Well, I finally remembered to hold my horses before tearing into the box like a wild banshee!

This month I went with the Boho Glam box which came with Kaylen and Lena, and I added on Abbie and Mackenzie.   I have never ordered the whole collection, and this time I had pretty much decided to be bad and do it, but alas everyone else had decided to do the same thing and it was sold out!  Oh well, I will get the rest eventually I suppose.  I thought it would be fun to do something using all 4 of the polishes, so I did a simple half/half design using the ones that came in the Boho box together and the ones that I added on together.  All of the polishes were great, however I noticed that when Kaylen dried it had this matte plastic-y look to it.  I actually kind of like it, but don't think its supposed to do that...I have had one other polish do this before too, but with a little top coat every thing is cool!  I knew it would be easy to layer Mackenzie over Abbie, but was wondering about Lena going over Kaylen.  I was pleasantly surprised with Lena, the coverage was great!  I basically had to do one swipe with it.  I also must say I really love Lena, I cant wait to use it by itself, Lena is definitely my favorite of the four.  So, now that I finally remembered to take photos before wildly tearing into my box, please enjoy them!    Please excuse the "ehh" photos of the box itself, I will do better next time!  :)