Saturday, June 22, 2013

Inspired By A Tutorial

Hello everyone!  Today I tried out a tutorial called "Take On Dots" originally posted by the blog Nailed It.  I really love nail art and am in awe at the girls that come up with such awesome nail art ideas right out of thin air!  Personally I am not that great at just imagining something, I mean when I try to "doodle" all I can do is write my name in bubble letters...I have been wanting to do some nail art so I decided to search the web for tutorials.  First I searched blogs that I follow, and came across the dotted tutorial on Nailed It.  Freehand I am not so good with, but dotting is pretty doable for me!  I pretty much duplicated what was in the tutorial as best as I could.  I used a basic black from Rimmel London, and for the dots I used Picture Polish Peaches N' Cream, Milani Totally 80's, and Essie Butler Please.  This tutorial was very easy to follow, and I absolutely love the end result!  For more tutorials check out the tutorial tab on Nailed It.  Oh yea!  Do you happen to notice a difference in my photos???  I switched backdrop colors!  Hehe!  I went with white, I feel like the colors really pop more on the white! :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Ten Friends: Carbon Based Life Form & Lunar Love Song

Update!  My Ten Friends is doing a giveaway of their new collection: Sparkly Cycle of Summer
Click this link for a chance to win the collection!  Yippie!

Hello everyone!  Today I am sharing two polishes from My Ten Friends.  First I have Carbon Based Life Form.  Normally I prefer to layer up my glitter polishes to see them how they naturally are.  However, as it turns out I received this polish at about the same time I purchased my Sinful Colors Mint Apple.  I saw them sitting near one another, and thought they would be perfect together!  So, Mint Apple is my undie for Carbon Based Life Form.  The application of the polish was great, I love that it has all different glitters in it.  There are the classic small round ones, ones that are like little shards, and then there are the huge hexagon ones (my favorite)!  Be sure to scroll down a bit for my review of Lunar Love Song below!

Lunar Love Song is the second polish I bought from My Ten Friends.  This one I just layered up on its own.  I love all the colors in it; the gold, pink, red, and then the base color is this awesome blue/gray color.  I really love this polish, but honestly don't so much love how I photographed looked great on, but the photos make it look a bit lack luster in my opinion.  I think when I do this one again I will try an undie with it.  I am still fiddling with how to take the best photos I can, I actually just made a major change to my lightbox today!  So, fingers crossed that next time will be better.  But, again I want to emphasize how much I really love this polish, both polishes actually and cannot wait to get more!  My Ten Friends can be found on Etsy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sinful Colors Mint Apple

Originally I was planning on posting 2 polishes I got from My Ten Friends today, but the polish I used underneath one of the My Ten Friends polishes is so rockin' that I had to give it it's own post!  Today I am sharing with you my new favorite color, which is a big deal because I can never pick out a favorite of anything!  Sinful Colors Mint Apple!  It makes me melt, and smile ear to ear.  It is the perfect shade of soft teal with a surprise of gold in it.  I bought mine at Wal-Mart about 7 weeks ago, I know this because I had just worked my last day at my old job and decided to be bad and buy myself a last day present.  No kidding, this polish was love at first stroke.  The consistency is great, the application is great, and the finished product is to die for!  I will be posting the My Ten Friends polishes in a few days, for now check out my new favorite!