Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stamping Practice!

Hi everyone!  I hope your Christmas was great!  I got everything on my wish list, which included the Bundle Monster 2011 & 2012 stamping plates, and the nail art brush set!  I am so excited, now I can keep improving my skills!  Speaking of skills, I don't know about you, but my stamping skills are not so I plan on doing a lot of stamping until I get a good grip on how to do it.  So today I am doing stamping.  For today I used Julep Alyson, Sally Hansen Olive Branch, and BM10 for the stamping.  I am quite pleased with how it came out, I tend to have a problem with smudging the designs, and I really don't think it happened this time as  Originally I planned on doing them all with the design, but I needed to do another coat of the Alyson on my index and thumb fingers.  I actually really like it with those two blank.   However, grrr, I ran into a bubbly problem with the top coat on those two blank fingers.  I was using a top coat from Butter London and it is to the point of being very tacky, but the finish is so reflective!  I slapped it on, then smudged it with another finger, and then put ANOTHER coat of said tacky top coat on.  And voila!  We have tiny bubbles!  Patience seems to be key in the world of nail art, and it is taking me a while to realize that!  ;)

Monday, December 24, 2012

China Glaze Pure Joy

Merry Christmas everyone!  Its almost time to celebrate with family, eat, eat, eat, and tear into the presents!  I have one more Christmas manicure to share today.  On a side note, I did get the bundle monster hawaii theme nail stamping plate, however the polish I wanted to use did not work, and I aborted the stamping.  Today I have another polish from the China Glaze Holiday Joy collection.  The polish today is Pure Joy.  Its a gold and red glitter, pure glitter, Pure Joy!  Im not so joyful about the forthcoming removal of this polish though...wink wink.  Until then I will love it!  I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and maybe if we have all been good this year there will be nail polish in our stockings!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

China Glaze Winter Holly

It's getting close to that special time of year!  I hope everyone is ready!  I know I am, I cant wait to celebrate with family over the next few days.  There are only 5 days until Christmas, that means only 5 days left for Christmas nails, oh no!  I feel like I am just getting warmed up.

Today I have China Glaze Winter Holly from the Holiday Joy collection.  I LOVE IT!  This polish is so awesome, and I don't want to take it off.  I used Sinful Colors Last Chance for the base coat, which was also an awesome polish on its own.  Today I have a lot of photos because it is so pretty!  Be sure to check out the last photo, it is my favorite.  I love how each nail is focused differently.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fancy-schmancy Christmas Nails!

Happy Holidays!  Hi everyone, it has been way too long since I have written a post!  Between working 8-5 six days a week and having no sunshine since I don't know when, there have not been many opportunities to write new posts.  I think I am going to start playing with alternate light sources today, because surprise, surprise, it is supposed to cloudy all day here in northern Florida.

I would like to give a big "Welcome!" to my new follower!  It really surprised me when I checked on my blog the other day and saw a new follower during this dry spell.  Thanks to anybody who takes interest in what I do! :)

While I have not posted in about a month, I have not quit painting my nails!  I have 2 Christmas manicures photographed and ready to go, and after I am done writing, I am going to start a new manicure!

I have been using my Bundle Monster nail stamping plates a lot lately, and it is taking some getting used to.  I keep trying to use polishes that are too thin, and of course there is the getting the stamp lined up correctly.  Practice makes perfect!  When I look at other nail blogs I always love the fancy scroll manicures, and I thought I would give it a try.  For this design I used Orly Luxe for my base coat, and Sally Hansen Save the Date for the stamping.  I used stamping plate BM21 for the scroll design.  I absolutely love how it turned out!  I got really creative and painted my toes to coordinate with this too.  I used the Sally Hansen Save the Date for the base on my toes, and then I stamped the leaf design from BM01 on my big toe with Orly Luxe.  I really LOVE the Save the Date on my toes, it is a gorgeous shimmery maroon.  I have never been big on coordinating my fingers and toes, but this was fun!

So I dont know about you guys, but I am NOT ready for Christmas.  It seems like it has snuck up on me this year, don't tell anyone, but I don't even have any presents bought yet...but my nails are ready!!!

Tada!  I love them!   I would love to share the photos of the toes, but I really do not like how any of the photos came out.  Just know they looked great!

These photos were actually taken after a few days of wear.  I really like how well the polish held up!