Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OPI Into the Night

Hello!  So I know its been a while since my last post.  When I first started a little over a month ago I was unemployed and had all day to play with my nails.  Last week I got a temp job and have been finding it difficult to do posts when I am working all day, and when I get home it is dark which is bad for photos.  I will figure it out though, nail art is too much fun not to!  Today I have photos from a polish I wore last week.  I was really wanting to do a clean manicure with a solid color.  I picked OPI Into the Night.  In the bottle it looks like a regular blue, but on the nail...OMG!  It is awesome on the nail!  The application is great, I love how smooth it looks.  In the light it glimmers and it is gorgeous.  I have a mini bottle from the Spider Man mini collection, but think I will have to find a full size bottle.  Hopefully it will not be this long before I post again.  Enjoy the photos!

I have been trying really hard to get my manicures looking super clean, I think I got it with this one!  
The color is so awesome in light and shade.

I love how reflective it looks.  That would be thanks to the top coat I use by Butter London!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday Nails!!!

Hi everyone!  Today is my birthday so I am doing birthday nails!  I opened one of my presents this morning and got my first ever Color Club polishes, 12 of them!  I cant wait to use them!  I wanted to do something fun for my birthday so I decide to give cupcakes a try.  For this manicure I used a ton of colors, of course.  I also did a polka dot manicure on my left hand for the first time, and LOVE the way it turned out!  I did cupcakes on my right thumb and middle finger, along with balloons on my index finger, streamers on my ring finger, and candles on my pinky!  I absolutely love how this turned out.  It was all free hand and fun!  I used a dotting tool for everything except the base coats.  Enjoy!

I used Essie "Shine of the Times" for the base on this.  I am in love with this!

Yummy cupcake!
More cupcake!  I will be eating cake later on!

I used 3 Julep colors: "Niecy," "Georgia," and"Blake."  I used 2 Ulta colors: "Sun-Sational," and "TuTu Cute."  I used  3 Essie Colors: "St. Lucia Lilac," "Shine of the Times," and a blue with a label missing!  I also used Sinful Colors "Cinderella."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A little more about my blog

How's everyone doing?  Did everyone have fun for Halloween?  Today I don't have any nail art to share with you, but there is a surprise at the end!  I thought I would write a post explaining more about this blog and what I want to do with it.  I just kind of dove right into this without much introduction.  First off, for anyone who is following this blog, do not be scared off when I change the layout of this blog.  I really want to get it a lot more customized looking in the next few weeks!  By customized I mean the way it looks, but also I want to have sections about nail care and such.  I myself am very much a beginner in the world of nail art.  I keep learning new things all the time, and want to share them with you!  Ok so I thought this would be longer, but it is not!  What I am trying to say is, I hope you enjoy growing with me!  Now on to the surprise.  I thought I would share my find from last night.  My husband and I live in a town with no Target.  It's sad, I know.  Last night we got to go to Target.  I always love their nail polish selection, especially the clearance section.  I love digging through the baskets to see what I can find!  Last night I found these:

This is Sally Hansen "Gilded Lily"  It was the last one in the clearance basket!  It looks even better in person, and I cannot wait to use it!  

This is Revlon "Mistletoe"  The photo does this polish no justice.  It is a murky green with lots of gold micro glitter.  Very unique.  This one was not on sale, but I thought it was special enough!

This is L' Oreal "Rainy Piccadilly"   This one I found in the L' Oreal section and noticed it was the only one.  I took it up to one of those nifty price checkers and found it was on sale too!  I love when that happens!