Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Time!

Hello!  So, I have had an epiphany!  I have figured out the lighting for my photos, finally!  O yeah!  What does everyone have planned for this Easter weekend?  Me, I am just going to relax and then spend time with the family tomorrow and eat so good food!  Today I have a gradient with stamping.  It took me many tries to get the gradient colors worked out, first I tried to use a shimmery China Glaze color as the base color, but when I started stamping I kept getting a balding effect that could not be fixed...I then tried various things on my ruined nails, and finally decided to use Sally Hansen Jaded as a base coat and then sponge Jaded and Sinful Colors Tempest onto the nail.  I took some photos with just the gradient, and I must say I am super excited about how awesome these photos look!  Next, I stamped some easter goodies using BM302.  The bunny on my middle finger is a little smudged, but I like to think of him as one of those long hair bunnies!  :)  Happy Easter!


  1. Beautiful, Kristina! The gradient is gorgeous and the stamping is so cute! The photos look great, too.

    1. Thanks Jenny, Happy Easter! Wish you and Ken were here!