Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stamping Practice!

Hi everyone!  I hope your Christmas was great!  I got everything on my wish list, which included the Bundle Monster 2011 & 2012 stamping plates, and the nail art brush set!  I am so excited, now I can keep improving my skills!  Speaking of skills, I don't know about you, but my stamping skills are not so I plan on doing a lot of stamping until I get a good grip on how to do it.  So today I am doing stamping.  For today I used Julep Alyson, Sally Hansen Olive Branch, and BM10 for the stamping.  I am quite pleased with how it came out, I tend to have a problem with smudging the designs, and I really don't think it happened this time as  Originally I planned on doing them all with the design, but I needed to do another coat of the Alyson on my index and thumb fingers.  I actually really like it with those two blank.   However, grrr, I ran into a bubbly problem with the top coat on those two blank fingers.  I was using a top coat from Butter London and it is to the point of being very tacky, but the finish is so reflective!  I slapped it on, then smudged it with another finger, and then put ANOTHER coat of said tacky top coat on.  And voila!  We have tiny bubbles!  Patience seems to be key in the world of nail art, and it is taking me a while to realize that!  ;)

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  1. Oh, wow, how cool! It looks almost like camouflage. Looks like you're getting the hang of stamping!