Wednesday, October 17, 2012

365 Days of Color: Cotton Candy

Hi!  Today I am being bad, or rather Monday I was bad, by not doing the "Zombies" part of the This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge  I couldn't decide what to do for it.  I am not good enough to draw a freehand zombie and I didn't want to just draw stitches on my nails.

So, luckily something else fell into my lap!  I recently placed an order with Sunny at 365 Days of Color  and received my order on Monday.  Because of a little mix up, I received some polishes I didn't order.  Sunny was great and told me the new ones would be coming and I could keep the others!  That is what I love about buying from these indie nail brands, they really take care of their customers.  I love it!  Today I am sharing what I got from 365 Days of Color.

I received a full size of Come Little Children, a full size of Cotton Candy, a mini of Explosion, and a mini of Glittercide.  Today I am wearing Cotton Candy.  It is a color I would have never ordered on my own, but now that I am weraring it I love it!  The application was great and I love how it looks.

365 Days of Color "Cotton Candy"

365 Days of Color "Cotton Candy"

365 Days of Color "Cotton Candy" 

This is an artsy shot!  Taken in my new light box, which I will have more on tomorrow!  

365 Days of Color "Glittercide" 
365 Days of Color "Explosion"
365 Days of Color "Come Little Children"  

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  1. The "Cotton Candy" looks really cool! I like the glittery flecks. The "Come Little Children" looks neat in the bottle, too - very dramatic.