Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here We Go!

Hi there!  I have never had a blog before, so please bear with me as I figure this out.  My name is Kristina, I love nail polish and want to share my journey through the world of nail art with you.  I have always had a liking for nail polish, but didn't really get into the whole "nail art" thing until February of 2012.  I finally found my hobby!

My collection was contained in 2 cosmetic bags and quickly began to grow, until it was 3 overflowing cosmetic bags.  This is when I decided I needed a nail polish rack!  My husband agreed to help me and we built it together.  Pictures are below.  When I was thinking of building a rack I was constantly searching for photos of other peoples nail polish racks.  There were not many polish racks out there to look at.  This is what ignited the idea to start my own blog.  I want to share my experiences with other polish lovers out there.  My FB friends may "like" my polish rack, but they wont appreciate it like other polish lovers will!

I hope to use this blog as a way to document my progress through the world of nail art.  I can look back at photos from only 6 months ago and see a dramatic improvement in the quality of my work, and hope I can continue to grow.  More than anything I want to share my photos with other polish lovers.  There have been times when I have searched for a polish swatch online, only to find nothing.   I want to be able to take a photo and share it with anyone who is looking for that same color swatch.  I look forward to sharing my polishes, progress, and lessons learned with anyone who reads this!  Comments are very much welcomed!!!

This is the nail polish rack.  It was pretty simple to put together.  My husband and I went to the hardware store and bought some cheap wood, screws, and wood stain.  He put it together while I was at work one day, and I stained it!  It really was quite easy, and cost around $40.00.  My tip would be to give your self some room to grow, which I thought I did, but am not sure....

This is the rack finished.  I realize now that I did not document the building of it as well as I could have.  However, I could see myself outgrowing it within the next year or two, so I will make sure to do better next time!
This is a top down shot.  We put risers on each shelf so I could fit two rows of polish on each shelf.  The riser turned out to be a great idea, if I had not included it I would have quickly run out of room! 

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