Saturday, October 6, 2012

First nail art challenge!

Hello to my readers!  Just kidding, I know this is more like a diary right now, but hopefully I will have readers one day! :)  I am doing my first nail art challenge, and I bet you can guess what kind it is.  Halloween!  Yay!  I chose to do the This is Halloween challenge from Lacquer Dreams.  I didn't find out about it until 2 days ago, so I missed the first day.  But I did do the water marble yesterday!  I spent around 5 hours figuring out my method.  It was my second time doing water marble, but first time with dark colors.  I originally tried black, purple, and orange, but I couldn't figure out the base coat.  Finally I got it down to the purple and the orange.  For the orange I used Wet n Wild Orange, and for the purple I used Ulta Femme Fatale.  By the time I was finished it was 9:00 PM and obviously the sun was down.  So I waited until today to photograph it.

I have a little side story I have to share with you.  My husband installs satellites and took me to work with him today because there is a Rite Aid in the town where he was going.  I have been wanting to see the pumpkin polishes I keep hearing about, but my drug stores don't carry them.  So I tagged along.  We went to the Rite Aid in the town where his job was but there selection was kinda sad.  I called it a bust, but he suggested going to another Rite Aid 16 miles away.  How sweet!  We drove to the other one and they did have more selection!  I also scouted around the other polishes just incase they had anything special.  I have been obsessed with a discontinued polish by L'Oreal called Owl's Night.  It is this awesome brown shimmery color, and the only place I can find it is on Ebay for around $16.00.  I am not paying that I found it!!!!  In the second Rite Aid, I thought I would look at the names of the polishes just incase, and there it was!!!  Yippie!  So I got my Owl's Night along with a pumpkin polish and some others!  It was well worth riding along with my husband today!

This is my Halloween challenge water marble.  It looks more orange in person.

My other hand with the water marble!

This is the orange I used for this.  When I started the bottle was full.  Yeah.
This is Owl's Night!  Love it!!!

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