Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Gradient

As I continue my journey into the world of nail art I find myself learning new things all the time.  Most recently I have learned that I need to paint my nails the day before I post them to my blog.  For the last 3 parts of the challenge I have had my nails done on the right day, but have not been ready to post until the day after.  Yesterday I lost daylight and could not get the quality photos I wanted to get.  Lesson learned, plan better!  On to the polish!

Today I have the gradient part of the challenge.  I did four nails in the gradient and one as an accent nail.  On the accent nail I tried to mimic a frankenstein candle holder I got last year.  Free hand nail art is not my strong suit, but I think it came out pretty good!

I thought I would share the process with everyone!  I use a makeup sponge, polish, and paper towels.
As you can see there is a cup in the left of the photo.  I tried dipping the sponge in water to keep it from absorbing too much of the polish, but all that did was make a mess.

I tapped up my fingers to make clean up easier.  I just used 3 pieces of tape; one on top and two on the sides.

This is how it looked after I removed the tape.  A lot easier to clean up!

Finished product!  My frankenstein had a few issues as you can see, but I am really pleased with the gradient!

I used China Glaze "Gaga For Green" and Rimmel London "Black Satin"

I got this candle holder last year, and it was my inspiration for this challenge!

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  1. Cool! Love the gradient. The Frankenstein monster is cute!