Thursday, September 19, 2013

31DC2013 Day 19

I got onto my blogger dashboard to write my post this morning and saw that I have a new follower!  Yay!  Welcome!  :)  Of all the themes for this 31 day challenge, galaxy nails were probably one of the most intimidating themes.  I have always loved galaxy nails but have been a bit intimidated by them, they looked so complicated.  Thanks to this challenge I can say I am no longer afraid of the galaxy nails!  I checked out multiple tutorials, grabbed like 20 polishes, narrowed it down to 6 and got to painting.  I didn't necessarily use any one specific tutorial for this, if anything I used Chalkboard Nails post on galaxy nails for a guide.  Here are the colors I used; China Glaze Liquid Leather, Sinful Colors My Buoyfriend, Sally Hansen Jaded, Sinful Colors Tempest, Julep Lauren, Essie Stylenomics, and Stila Icicle, and Zoya Purity.  I used what seems like the pretty standard method; I painted my nails black, tore up some makeup sponges, and got to dabbing on one polish after another.  I used Chalkboard Nails tip of applying a glittery polish in the dark spots to imitate stars, and also added some white stars too.  I honestly did not have much faith in this mani, I am not naturally artsy and don't quite get the whole "adding depth" to the sponging.  So, I just kinda dabbed here and dabbed there until I felt like it was good enough.  It wasn't until I added the glitter and white stars that I actually started to like the finished product.  I look down at my nails now and am truly surprised, they actually look like galaxy nails!  If it wasn't for this challenge, I don't know that I would have tried them anytime soon.  Im sure glad I did, and cant wait to do it again!

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