Monday, September 30, 2013

31DC2013 Day 30

I have been looking forward to this day since the beginning of this challenge!  A while back I bought some feathers from the Born Pretty Store and have been itching to try out a feather tutorial.  I choose to use The Nailasarus' Real Feather tutorial for a few reasons.  The Nailasarus is one of my favorite blogs, this is the first place I saw the feather technique, and its a great tutorial!  I followed this tutorial to a T, even the colors I used were similar.  I ordered 2 colors in the feathers; Red(AKA #2) and Brown(AKA #8)  I thought about using a maroon polish to make the red stand out in the feathers, but then decided the color might not show up that well.  I then chose to use Zoya Flynn for my base color.  I love Flynn, I had been wanting an awesome camel color for fall and this color is perfect.

As I said before, I followed the tutorial exactly.  The only surprising thing was that I had to use a TON of top coat to get a smooth look.  After the first top coat, I noticed the finish was a bit rough, so I applied another...then another...then kept going.  I finally started taking the photos and noticed the finish was still rough.  I guess it is from the feathers?  So, I settled on quickly slapping on a top coat and snapping as many photos as possible before the finish got grainy again.  All said and done; I have no idea how many layers of top coat I have on...LOL

I am super excited that I finally got to try out this tutorial!  The Nailasarus made it easy to follow.  My only suggestion if you are planning trying this out would be to buy at least 2 packs of the feathers.  I only bought 1 and only had enough to do 5 nails.  Thank goodness thats all I needed!  I suppose you could get them from a craft store too...I will have to look into that.

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