Sunday, September 8, 2013

31DC2013 Day 8

Its day 8 of the challenge and today we are doing metallics!  When I went to look for metallic polishes, I realized that I really don't have that many.  I was going through my melmer and saw in the very back corner there were 2 Essie bottles that were metallic!  Yay!  They were Penny Talk and Trophy Wife.  I decided to do a tape mani with these two, originally I planned on throwing A England Dorian Gray into the mani, but I really liked how Penny Talk and Trophy Wife looked on their own.  I got my polish on and got to photographing when I decided to try something new with my photos.  I have noticed that my photos always seem a bit dingy to me, I have tried every setting I can think of on my camera but cant get the photos to look the way they look to the naked eye.  The camera I currently use is a Canon, which is an awesome brand, so I cant help but wonder if it is something I am doing.  Either way, I am tired of trying with that one.  Soooo...I whipped out my big boy Canon that I got a few years ago.  Its a Rebel XSi Digital SLR.  The photos below were shot with the Rebel.  It is definitely an improvement, but I still am playing with the set up of the camera itself and the settings.  Im excited to get this all figured out!