Saturday, September 21, 2013

31DC2013 Day 21

Hello everyone!  Today starts the last 11 days of the challenge, AKA the part I am most fearing!!!  All of these "Inspired By" challenges are going to be hard, but I am excited to push my skills.  Today is inspired by a color.  Just like everyone else, I have been racking my brain trying to think of what to do for this challenge.  Inspired by a color?  Gosh, there are so many... After some research I decided to take a cue from Chalkboard Nails and More Nail Polish  and go with inspired by the name of a polish color!

A while back I saw a polish by KBShimmer called Band Geek and fell in love.  I myself was in band and played Flute, however I do not consider myself a band "geek"  LOL  I was very lucky to go to a high school that is known around the country for its freaking awesome marching band.  I went to Choctawhatchee High School home of the Style Marchers!  After my little bit of bragging, you can imagine I fell in love with this polish and had to have it.  I decided to use it today for my inspiration.

Band Geek is a black jelly base with lots of different size glitters in silver, gold, and bronze to represent all the musical instruments.  I painted Band Geek on my middle and ring finger over a black base, and then on my index and pinky I painted a clef note and music notes.  The silver I used is NYC Tribeca Silver.  This mani marks a first for me, my first time using acrylic paint!  The clef note and music notes are acrylic.  I practiced the clef note many times before the real deal, and it looked good during practice.  Then...I painted it on my nail and the bottom part became all one blob, but it's okay I think it still looks good!  

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