Sunday, September 29, 2013

31DC2013 Day 29

Its day 29 of the challenge and we only have 2 more themes to go!  Todays theme is Supernatural.  I immediately thought of a stamping plate I ordered from Llarowe.  The plate is made by Lealac and is labeled LLC6.  I tried searching the internet for more info on this plate, but cant seem to find anything on was on sale when I got it from Llarowe and I am super glad I snagged it!  It has one full coverage image of planes and ufos.  My husband has his private pilots license, so thats why I got this plate.  It also has a little video game martian looking guy, a rocket, a planet, and stars.  I used the planes and ufos with the little martian guy for this theme today.

I painted my nails with Color Club Masquerading and stamped with Julep Dendrie.  On my middle finger I reversed the stamping colors.  I have never bought Color Club polishes, but own about 15 or so because they were gifted to me from family.  I must say I was super impressed with the Color Club I used today.  It was nice and opaque, it was easily a one coater polish.  I started out with a glossy finish, but didn't like how my lights reflections were making it hard to see the design.  So, I painted my handy dandy NYC Matte Me Crazy on.  With the matte finish, my nails photographed much better.  I liked how both finishes look, so I decided to share both!

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