Tuesday, September 3, 2013

31DC2013 Day 3

Hey everyone!  Today is the third day of the challenge, and todays theme is Yellow!  For this day I decided to revisit a polish I had tried before and didn't like much.  That polish is Scofflaw Insert Lemon Pun Here.  I love this polish from the bottle, but the last time I used it I used it without a undie.  This time I used Julep Niki for an undie and am in LOVE with Insert Lemon Pun Here!  I left my middle finger blank with just Nikki on it with a little stud for some attitude!  I decided to go with no top coat for the first time because I really liked the finish I got from the polishes on their own.  Today's post is a shorty because I am cramming it in before I leave for work!  Have a good day everyone!

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