Saturday, September 28, 2013

American Heart Association Heart Walk

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today is technically day 28 of the 31 day challenge, but it is also the day of the American Heart Association Heart Walk for my town.  I was not feeling particularly excited about the flag theme today, but was however eager to paint my nails to match my t-shirt for the walk today.  I work at my county court house as a clerk, AKA the person you pay tickets and such to, and we participated in the Heart Walk this morning!  We had these hot pink t-shirts with vibrant lime green writing that said "Clerks With a ❤"  In the spirit of the event and shirts I decided to paint my nails like my shirt!  I painted them with Julep Lauren which almost exactly matched the t-shirt color, and then made adorable little hearts with a dotting tool using Lime Crime Pastelchio.  I absolutely love this mani, its simple but so adorable!


  1. I am always ready for mix and match thingy. It FUN!! I love the color combo (:

  2. It looks so fun! I love the green and pink together :) So simple and cute, and for a great cause too!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes the simplest designs are the cutest! ;)