Thursday, September 26, 2013

31DC2013 Day 26

Its day 26 and today is a pattern.  I decided for this theme I would like to do something really clean, seeing as how the last few days have been kind of eh to me.  I originally planned on doing a tape mani, but then as I was getting started remembered I have a whole entire book of stamping plates!  Yippie!  Clean and most of all EASY!  LOL  I painted my nails with Orly Luxe as a base and then stamped Maybelline Urban Utopia on using BM315.  I wanted to use Maybelline Fuchsia River and Urban Utopia blended together for the stamping and tried it out on my thumb only to run into the same problem I usually run into.  The colors did not pop enough.  Fuchsia River was definitely too light to use, but I liked the way Urban Utopia looked.  Now, if you haven't seen it, Urban Utopia is actually this great Teal.  I found it just yesterday, I realized I didn't have a great creme teal and saw this baby and fell in love.  I saw that it says its a limited edition though, sooo Im thinking I have to buy another!  When the Urban Utopia is stamped on the gold it almost looks like a light green jade color rather than a strong teal, but I like it!

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