Friday, September 6, 2013

31DC2013 Day 6

Hey, hey, hey!  Its Friday!  Soooo...yesterday was supposed to be blue day, but  I was unable to prepare a post in time because I was celebrating my mother in-law's birthday!  Instead I got to get some good grub and spend time with the family!  I did originally try to paint my nails blue in the morning with the idea that I would dash home, stamp, and photograph them but of course other obligations called my name again and I didn't have time.  So, there I was sitting with a blank blue canvas when I decided to add some purple stamping on top.  Its kind of like day 5 (Blue) and day 6 (Purple) all in one!  If you have glanced down at the photos your probably saying; "That is not blue with purple, that is blue with blue!"  I would totally agree if I didn't paint them myself.  I've noticed my camera has had problems with certain colors in the past, I guess this is just another.  Both colors look much darker than they actually are, I suppose I should try to figure out why that it.   The colors I used are Essie Bikini So Teeny and Pure Ice Jail Bait. I tried to find swatches of Pure Ice Jail Bait online, but all I found were bottle shots.  However, you can clearly see it is technically purple!  That all being said, I love how it turned out!  The stamp I used is BM 306.